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A friendship site just for women in the UK

togetherfriends can help you to make new friends by putting you in touch with like-minded women who share the same aspirations or live in the same area.

It is a friendship/companion website, not a dating site, where women can connect on line and make friends, based on location, age or interests.

By linking you to other women, you can find a friend to go to the theatre with, go dog walking with, or have a coffee with. If you need a travel companion, we can help with this too.

So if you are looking for new friends, don't wait any longer! Register NOW and join the togetherfriends club!


“I have been looking for a website offering what you do for ages, but have only recently found this. Your site is easy to use (just what I need) and it's easy to navigate and just generally overall appealing so glad to have found it.”
togetherfriends member

togetherfriends is a lovely idea because it connects women on a really practical level and you can find people with shared interests very easily. It means you've got something in common from the start.”
togetherfriends member

“You can find people who are genuinely keen to go out and do something together. I don’t enjoy putting myself forward, or standing out on my own, so a web-based social network seems like a good idea”
togetherfriends member

“This is a brilliant concept and a welcomed one for a person such as myself”
togetherfriends member

“Helen has recognised a significant gap in the market for a service that has been needed for years. Her insight into the female psyche and her determination to follow her dream means she has achieved her goal to the benefit of women across the country. After meeting Helen on a number of occasions I can safely say she is an inspiration and her business serves such an emotive and worthwhile purpose it has no choice, but to succeed!”
Suzanne Johns Approach PR

togetherfriends is a fantastic idea and something I will definitely be recommending to client's, if appropriate. As a family solicitor I often see women who are at a cross roads in their life, re-assessing their lives or simply wish to expand their social circle when the impact of separation or divorce changes so many aspects including friendships, through no particular reason or person's fault. togetherfriends provides a completely different, unique and unobtrusive platform for women to rebuild themselves and start a new chapter”
Fiona Moore, Family Solicitor and Mediator, Moore Family Law

“It can be really hard to know where to start making friends if you move to a new area. Joining an organisation like togetherfriends can really help speed up the settling in process and gives a chance to make some lifelong friends in your new area”
Belinda Aspinall Founder of

Have you moved to a new area but are struggling to make friends?

Have you always wanted to walk the Dales Way or travel to India but have no-one to go with?

Do you need a weekly tennis partner?

Do you dream of opening a cafe but need a business partner?

If you'd like to find out more, register today for free.

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